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Story / Design Collective

My detail detective eyes noticed a new black façade with gold lettering pop up in Sea Point recently. It was a rainy Sunday but I ran across the road anyway, to peer inside like a child outside a candy store with its face pressed up against the glass. Sorry Jackie, some fingerprints may have been mine.

Now I know this is Story Design Collective and it’s as lovely as the woman who owns it. A wonderful and inspiring addition to the neighbourhood.

Jackie and her team collaborate with their clients to develop design concepts that enhance businesses, narratives and brands, taking on everything from interior architecture to designing bespoke furniture and lighting. Every execution is unique and tailored to reflect the vision of the client, while addressing the specific operational needs of the project, and Story Design Collective has an impressive portfolio of commercial spaces to show for it, including hotels, restaurants, bars and retail stores.

All Story Design Collective spaces are tactile, layered, immersive and very, very beautiful, just like their new brand-owned retail/meeting/design-inspiration-for-prospective-clients space in Sea Point.


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