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Her Hotels

Her Hotels is a collection of her most adored hotels, guest houses, Airbnbs, resorts, villas, homestays and hostels around the world. Not only does it serve as a travel-inspiring and travel planning resource, Her Hotels is also about singing praises for extraordinary locations, beautiful design, exceptional travel and décor photography, thoughtful hospitality, that holiday feeling, and most importantly, women who travel.

Every woman has her own unique reasons for travel and whether for function or fantasy, one of the most important parts of being transported to another world, for her, is where she sleeps, where she unpacks her bags, where she can safely retreat at the end of a day. She might not always get 8 hours of sleep, nor does she always have the budget for high thread counts, maybe adventure is her only goal, but regardless of her reasons, where every day starts and ends is an integral part of her experience and always carefully considered. So is fantasising about where she may find herself next.

Her Hotels was founded in 2020, ironically the same year that travel came to a standstill, by Emma Jude Jackson. A travelling photographer at heart but with a career in Brand Building through Tourism & Hospitality Marketing, Emma seeks out unique brands that offer something extraordinary, from a distinctive approach to hospitality, to unparalleled encounters with nature and an authentic connection to local culture, as well as a respect for the environments they operate in and the people and communities they may impact. Exceptional architecture, décor, design, food and service also resonates with the perfectionist in her.

I started Her Hotels because I have a trained eye and a perspective worth sharing but also because I have been a traveller for 21 years and I intend to travel for the rest of my life.

Follow @herhotels on Instagram to see it unfold and enquire about hotels when you are planning your next trip.

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