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Hear The World

I have discovered one of the most beautiful websites, but not because of how it looks, rather for how it sounds.

A group of professional nature recordists from around the globe collaborated a couple of years ago to develop Nature Soundmap, an interactive way of exploring natural sounds from across the world. Combining high-quality field recordings with the latest satellite imagery, the project brings together some of nature’s most beautiful, interesting and inspiring sounds.

The first thing I did was make my way across Southeast Asia. I listened to a storm in Sinharaja Forest Reserve in Sri Lanka, then Empress Cicadas and White-Rumped Shama at dusk in Borneo's rainforest, then sounds from Sulawesi in Indonesia.

I was immediately taken back to Bali, Natal, Mauritius, Thailand, Vietnam, for all their tropical beauty, the kind of climate I gravitate towards the most.

Earphones in. And let your mind bend.

Jungle coastline on the island of São Tomé


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