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2020 Lockdown Dairies

I've been using my camera at home while in Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa, out of a need for some creativity. It's that, Le Masculin Féminin and re-editing old photographs to keep me sane (and in Lightroom) while I wait to plan my next project or trip.

Working out with The New Yorker.

Banana art, which turned into baking...

Things I've collected from my travels, like this vintage Japanese okimono 置物 snake from a flea market in Ho Chi Minh City and these little hand-painted tiger lovers come from an antique store in Bangkok.

Once a week I recreate my favourite breakfast from Jason Bakery, the Egg Slutt.

What a time to be alive!

I've been perfecting my homemade nachos recipe...

Eventually I could no longer fight not wearing a mask and so not only did my mom sew me a perfect one in black, I found these beautiful fynbos florals from Happy By Nature, a little nursery on Kloof Nek in Cape Town.

Some news plants for my favourite corner...

And some bedroom styling with Popstrukt!

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