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The Luxury Sleep Project

Introducing a new personal pursuit, The Luxury Sleep Project.

I have spent many hours photographing (and sleeping in) beautiful hotel beds so it was time to bring that feeling home. #TheLuxurySleepProject was inspired by some of my favourite hotel beds because the beds we sleep in every night should be as glorious as the ones we sleep in every once in a while. And who better to lead the way for this personal project than the finest linen company in the world, Reed Family Linen, and a master of nap, the cat.

As someone who works in hospitality marketing and as a travel and décor photographer, I’ve been fortunate enough to sleep in some of the most comfortable hotel beds in the world but in all my 37 years, I have never consciously created a luxurious sleeping space in my own home. I have (most foolishly, in hindsight) always been able to function on surprisingly little sleep, so I didn’t go out of my way to focus on the elements that contribute to meaningful rest at home but that’s about to change.


A brand new mattress from Kooi Beds at The Mattress Warehouse. Kooi is an exclusive range of beds and mattresses meticulously designed for improving the sleeping patterns of high-performance athletes. I am not one of those but I have been saying since the end of 2020 (lol!) that I need to get back to my pre-pandemic fitness. Getting sufficient rest is going to be a big part of it.

The most luxurious linen from Reed Family Linen, which I came across at Singita. I will never be able to adequately express in words or images how wonderful it is to sleep in this linen every night. Every piece was made especially for me and getting into bed every night is like getting into not only a hotel bed but a Singita bed.

Woven linen from African Jacquard, a South African textile company I discovered while at Sussurro in Mozambique. Co-founder Sarah Birkett has such a beautiful way with putting things together and discovering Sussurro has had such an impact on my life that I had to include a piece in The Luxury Sleep Project.

More to come...

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