• Emma Jude Jackson

Josie Jackson: My baby girl

“The only demonstration of love is sacrifice, all else is but affection.”

After 12 and a half years as my constant companion, the heart of my home, and an absolute anchor for me over the past 3 years in particular, her heart just stopped working.

Josie, Joséphine, Jo, JoJo, Joobie, Beebs, BiBi, Fatty, Cookies, My Baby

Born on 15 October 2009 (approximately)

Moved in with me on 4 January 2010

Passed away on 15 July 2022

We shared 3 homes and countless moments in each other's company. I have loved her more than anything else in the world. Josie was my family. She wrapped herself around every aspect of my daily life, as a source of the most exquisite form of Love: complete, pure and unconditional. She helped me heal from many a heartbreak in life and softened my suffering. She was something to come home to and something to adore, a stability, a constancy. I cared for her as my child, my best friend, my companion. There was a reciprocal nurturance to our relationship as we included one another in daily interactions. She also showed me joy and playfulness, and from the moment I took her home from Animal Welfare, she was an unequivocal part of the landscape of my life.

A portrait of my little girl in our third and final home together