I travelled to Italy for the first time recently and despite it being wildly overpopulated with tourists, it is still a photographer's dream. My trip started in Florence, before I made my way down to Sorrento (as well as Positano and Amalfi) and finally, Rome. I will go back within the next two years and seek out quieter parts and more remote locations but I found the experience to be a very rich one.


Outside of the obviously beautiful and historical architecture, magnificent light, and exceptional coffee, wine and food, I was fascinated by how "over-tourism" reflects in these parts, and how people document their experiences. While my primary objective as a storyteller was to capture the mood of each city and town I visited and find quintessential scenes that resonated with me and how I observe the world around me, I became more and more fascinated with culture and human dynamics. Did you know that even Vatican City has its own McDonalds?!

Despite being only 10 days long, the trip has had an immense impact on the stories I want to tell with my photography. This is an edit from over 1500 images but even so, there was so much more that I didn't get to document, like priests on bicycles and nuns in souvenir shops, a film set in Rome that featured vintage cars like I've never seen them before, more of the architecture, food, and houses on the Amalfi Coast, to name a few. Not to mention so many more hilarious aspects to mass tourism that I observed countless times a day. I was so switched on the entire time, which is a great sign of being in the right place at the right time.

P.S. I've posted an extended edit from G-Rough, a design hotel in Rome, here.